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The Legend of Mola Jutt – A fabulous glimpse of an epic saga


The much-awaited teaser trailer of Bilal Lashari’s fable The Legend of Maula Jatt was witnessed on Friday 21st Dec 2018 and without a doubt, it’s absolutely a spectacle, a metaphor of the majestic Punjabi gandasa action in the history of Pakistani cinema, the trend-setter, the popular classic Maula Jatt 1979 starring Sultan Rahi.

Bilal Lashari has brought back the legendary folklore to the big screen with the most expensive Pakistani film production till date. The Legend of Maula Jatt’s teaser on Facebook and YouTube collectively made over one million views within few hours of its release while social media fans are overwhelmed with the film’s release date in 2019. The film is certainly going to be the revolution of Pakistani cinema.

This 2 minute teaser trailer is a visual indulgence that left the film audience in awe, hungry to see the film. The trailer gave details of the storyline and characters illustrating the fabulous tale of Maula, drama, action, emotions, romance, make up and costumes, all engraved into a tremendous presentation of cinematography. But the music of the film is yet to be explored.

The background voice in the trailer has added more thrills to the impatient audience, and we have to wait to listen the dialogues for this epic screenplay that has been presented. Who can forget the dramatic dialogues of the great Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi in the classic version of the movie?


The female leads of the film are played by Mahira Khan and Humamia Mallick has fervour the screen with their charmed acting skills combined with the simplicity of their roles.

The movie trailer has also tremendously showed the time invested in its production with every frame has preserved the legend of the classic Maula beautifully integrated with the modern art of cinematography. The producer has absolutely stunned the audience with this intense teaser so far.

The film is an expensive venture and its brining things to the Pakistani cinema never witnessed before. Especially, Fawad Khan (as Maula Jatt), and Hamza Ali Abbasi (as Noori Nath) are coming together to create the heat that audience going to feel.

The Legend of Maula Jatt’s teaser has already left people to love every bit of the movie, let’s hope it never fades away after its release as well! It is set to hit the theatres on Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 in Pakistan and China, yes at the same day!

Just cannot get enough of this tremendous trailer and more than that Fawad Khan’s chiselled avatar! Certainly going to wow all the audiences across borders!

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