Social Media Marketing

Social media is not only Facebook or Twitter; Social media for each brand has a different definition. Social media for your brand is the one where you can target your relevant audience in the most effective and productive manner.

Jellyfish provides the social media management and marketing consultancy and assists you in finding appropriate usernames and profiles across the channels, creating eye-catching and creative posts, monitoring and combine the social media pages to track down activities and potential customers, assist in re-hauling your social pages to develop the desired reputation and buy paid blogs and push-advertisements to broaden the reach of your product

Carefully Tailored Social Media Campaigns generates Quick Results 

Jellyfish use creative social media strategies to help you create your brand identity. With our years of experience, we have learned that every brand has its own online space. We analyse your space and devise social media strategy accordingly by creating the unique content to capture the attention of targeted audience.

Specialised Channels

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

Optimize your Business With our Social Media Services

With our proven expertise, our social media management services save your time and generate the desired results within limited time. We have mastered some strategies that enable us to provide you with the effective social media marketing campaigns. Our work is the evidence of our expertise. The experts at Jellyfish have the right eye to adopt the strategy that can satisfy your marketing objectives and that can optimize your social media channels. We can convert your investment in social media into enhanced sales leads and increased returns.

We can make your dream success the reality by positioning your right on Social Media

Jellyfish prides itself on driving the real traffic on your website. Our social media marketing can create enhance customer engagement by identifying the niche, targeting relevant stakeholders, creating engagement through quality content and retargeting the market for increased conversions.

We assist you to analyse your social market niche. Through our proven social media marketing tactics, Jellyfish social marketing service enhances your brand reach. We create eye-catching contents that generate value for your brand. We create targeted posts, advertisements, customer engaging paid blogs to provide you happy, and returning online customer space. Our social media marketing consultancy service provides you with the strategic insight about the customer reach; post crawling and post views. We monitoring and manage customer inquiries and issues and resolves them to ensure you a loyal customer base.

Increasing Your Social Media Presence and Pace up your Business Growth

Customers Presence on Social Media

Your customers are using social media regardless of your industry and target market, your customer. Keeping them engaged and connected with your brand is important. With smart social marketing strategy, you can keep your customers engaged and can be on their priority list

The customers are looking for Your Product

No matter what product you are offering in the market, it is being sought out by the people. People are talking about it and are looking for the companies that can best satisfy their needs. Social media management service of Jellyfish hunts such conversations and help your brand to become the part of it and for generating new leads.

People Are Discussing you on Social Media

Social media is the platform where customers voice their opinions. You need to be proactive to listen to what your customers are saying. Our Social Media marketing service provides you with the guidance regarding handling the customer’s comments and responding to their queries timely

Effective Social Media Marketing and Management Unleashes Your Brand Potential

In this hush push, most brands do not have the time to manage social media channels. We know that you are busy strategizing your products and services. We acknowledge that with such rapidly changing demands of the customers, managing social media can be hectic. Being you “Best Friend” it is our utmost responsibility to achieve your marketing goals through our proven social media management expertise.

What you can expect from social media marketing service

  • Remarkable first-hand interaction with the customers
  • Efficient and smart management of social community
  • Amplified lead generation
  • Prominent presence on social media

Why Choose Us

Simply because Jellyfish is your Brand’s Best Friend! However, just to be precise:

We deliver not less than the ‘Excellence’

We consider every client as ‘Our Premier Client’

We are available to serve you 24/7

We are ‘One Stop Shop’

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