Movie Marketing

It is one of a unique kind of marketing and requires seamless efforts on all marketing mediums. The perception created pre-launch of the movie will even drag the sentiments inside the glamorous rooms of Cinemas.

Brands’ integration in the movie, creative design of posters, trailer launch, celebrities shout outs, media junkets, OOH activations, traditional media coverage, social media campaign.!  All need to be perfectly synchronized to leave a long-lasting mark on the audience’s mind.

What makes Movie Marketing different is the importance of timing of execution of marketing activities. Just before the launch, Guerilla Marketing needs to be triggered to create a huge buzz and garner interest in the Movie. We call it a ‘WOW moment’.

Jellyfish – Your Brand’s best friend knows how important your movie’s success is for you, that’s why we don’t let any stone unturned in finding appropriate brands to be integrated with your movie and sketches and implements a marketing strategy that should be remembered and discussed for quite long.

The movie that is marketed well is received well by the audience.

Movie marketing service is unique and one of its kind. Movie marketing helps in creating craving among the audiences and arouses their curiosity to the level that they cannot help to resist.

Our Offerings

Integration of brand with movies

The right formula for success

Our offering is unique. Jellyfish serves as your marketing partner and create a strategic alliance between movies and brands. This is the perfect success formula for all the alliance partners. We have concise and comprehensive movie marketing plan which enable us to help our client reach to the top. We strive for nothing but the best and puts the marketing strategy on the plate that can help the movie to reach its hype.

Designing Creative Posters

Catchy Poster can Conjure Your Audience

Posters are perfect tools for creating the vibe. Creative, groovy, bold and vibrant posters provoke the emotions amongst the audience. Movie posters are the best way of film marketing as they ignite excitement and pumps up the curiosity level in the audience. Jellyfish have expertise in identifying your right audience. Our creative poster design can not only add value to the movie marketing strategy but can also provoke the interest in the audience that is not typically interested in the genre. We use colour combinations, pictures, graphics and punch lines with complementary information to create a perfect vibe that can create synchronization between the movie makers and the audiences. With our perfect design, we invoke a wowed feeling among your audiences and make the audience excited about the thrill that you have to offer.

Trailer Launch

Successful Trailer is the half success

Trailer launch serves as the commercial advertisement for the film. The bang launch of the trailer captures the eyes and if done right can earn the movie half the success.  With our professionals, Jellyfish works with you as the movie marketing firm and devise a uniquely tailored strategy for launching your trailer at the right time to create perfect media hype/

Media Junkets

Effective Campaigning breeds Audience Attention

Media Junkets are the part of movie marketing strategy that can provide the best and efficient quality method for the timely press releases, interviews, film promotions, media marketing and other advertisement campaigns. Marketers at Jellyfish serves for you as the musketeers and possess the unique insight to promote your movies through effective and timely media Junket services.

Celebrity Shoutouts

Customized messages create increased viewers Engagements

Celebrity shout outs give the hype the required hype that you are seeking from all the movie marketing activities. We provide tailored celebrity videos that deliver convincing and jaw-dropping messages to the audiences and leaves them in the awed state. Jellyfish understand the troubles that you can encounter for scheduling shout outs with different celebrities. We own your troubles and provides you with the right mix of celebrity shout-outs.

Social Media Campaigns

Your Success is Our Joy

Social media campaigning is all about timely placing your product in the market. We not only cover a range of social media channels that is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram for the movie marketing, but are very sceptical about the timings for each campaign. We create a buzz through social media campaigning and fights the half battle for you.

Movie marketing creates powerful engagement between shareholders and helps in creating halo effect among the audiences. Our movie marketing service helps you in creating a huge buzz and assist you in creating a lasting impression on the stakeholders, most importantly your customers.

You will see instantly the worth of our movie marketing service

Jellyfish are keen to see you at the top. We work on different tailored strategies, strategic planning, and integrated marketing strategies as per the customized needs. With our expert strategist, we craftwell-designed strategies and create synergies for you that ensures your success.

Why Choose Us

Simply because Jellyfish is your Brand’s Best Friend! However, just to be precise:

We deliver not less than the ‘Excellence’

We consider every client as ‘Our Premier Client’

We are available to serve you 24/7

We are ‘One Stop Shop’

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