Event Management and PR

Modern PR is about establishing good relationships that spans regional, national and market specific areas, all equipped and able to get your message at your fingertips.

At Jellyfish we have a network of market journalists and contacts at regional, local and national titles.

Our PR services include:

Media Relations

Media is all about relationships. At Jellyfish, we work diligently to sustain dynamic working relationships with a range of media personalities throughout the country. Our aim is to present your brand in the best focus possible across a huge audience.

Press Releases

At Jellyfish, we write press releases to get your brand messages extensive media coverage across the region for better and bigger coverage.

Public Relations Link Building

What could be more powerful than two businesses working together to accomplish a mutual objective? We point your brand in the direction to network and link with other businesses that can both be strengthened together. We help our clients to find new contacts through networking on your behalf and be a catalyst for your sales boost.

Media Training

We know it can be nerve-wrecking to face media. But, you don’t have to worry when we are at your back! We offer:

  • Media consultancy and PR service guidance throughout your presentation.
  • Our media training can transform you into an expert in media interactions and help you get your message across any medium.

Media Coverage

Need media coverage? Where to start?  That’s where Jellyfish come in. Our team will place your brand in front of a massive audience so you can talk about your future big things coming up. Let’s see what we will do:

  • From mega launches to upcoming sales and events, we will ensure to highlight your brand through television.
  • We know the media industry inside and out thus have a strong contact list. No need for you to approach them; we will be a link between your brand and the media, while partnering with your brand to regulate the multimedia environment.

Employee Communications

When your employees adore their job, they will be able to market your brand positively, that what makes a brand reputable. Let Jellyfish assist in managing your internal communications through blogs, newsletters, internet, press releases and team strengthening practices.

Crisis Management

You have experienced it before, a crisis in business and you didn’t have a damage control plan in place. You need us to step in with:

  • Guidance on how to cope up and move ahead. The Jellyfish PR team will help you with writing press releases and official statements that emphasize on your brand’s positive features, such as recent endeavours and future objectives
  • A comprehensive plan to navigate public statements and preserve your brand’s positive stance

Event Management Services

Often PR and Event Management go together, organizing, sponsoring or hosting an event is an amazing way to greet your clients, followers and stakeholders personally.

Our event planning services offers you:

Corporate Events

Let Jellyfish experts help you rock your next corporate conference, meeting, or seminar memorable among future clients and employees. Once we get your goal for the event, we will execute our project management expertise to use the best mix of planning, organizing, and marketing that synchronizes your event with your entire marketing plan. We want to make your brand look specialized and your audience to be captivated.

Mega Launches

Arranging a mega launch is a highly effective promotional activity that facilitates your customers to explore your brand and what it offers. Jellyfish wish to develop your brand as “something unique” so that potential customers can make up their minds to buy from you. We will make your mega launch a mesmerizing first impression that last longer.

Experiential Marketing

Why not make your brand come alive? Through experiential marketing, Jellyfish will help you gain interaction with your customers physically with your product. Jellyfish has been phenomenal in creating unforgettable live exposures that rocks a brand’s image.

Why Choose Us

Simply because Jellyfish is your Brand’s Best Friend! However, just to be precise:

We deliver not less than the ‘Excellence’

We consider every client as ‘Our Premier Client’

We are available to serve you 24/7

We are ‘One Stop Shop’

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