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PR Management

Looking forward to all-in-one public relations services? At Jellyfish, our extensive range of PR services covers everything from reaching out to popular media members to organizing events. Our specialized PR team is ready to become your voice reaching a mass audience through press conferences, press release, and much more. A strategic public relations strategy is crucial for any business who want to upscale their marketing efforts.
With an effective communication strategy, we provide your target audience with much-needed information that forms the basis of their decision. We keep on giving the customers precise directives to act upon and encourage them to keep coming back eventually building a loyal customer base. Our PR management solutions aim at creating a positive influence on existing and potential clients by formulating efficient and strategic communications. 

Digital PR/Influencer Marketing

Users put their trust in social media influencers that can significantly influence their decision-making. By releasing branded content through Influencers channels, we communicate, engage, and create opportunities for the target audience to generate maximum conversions. Influencer marketing is a constant opportunity to interact with existing and potential customers. We make it happen the way it should be!

Press Release

Creating a newsworthy story appealing to a wide-ranging audience is important to your brand’s success. It is essential to inform the audience regarding the recent products or services, corporate expansions, grand openings, charity involvement, partnership deals, success stories, and much more. Our press release services incorporate rich content to keep the audience engaged.

Press Conferences

Focused on results in real-time, our B2B public relations approach guarantees premeditated media coverage, the inclusion of top-tier corporations, and the downloading of extensive data-driven content assets. Our credible and transparent associations with media networks secure effective results.

Media Coverage

We ensure secure and meaningful press coverage to influence your audience and reach your goals in today’s highly competitive market. We focus on creating and finding opportunities for your brand to the targeted media news cycles and delivering evocative media coverage to contribute to the corporate value.

Crisis Management

Being a crisis management PR agency, we partner with our reputed clients to manage careful and strategized release of content to convert any crises into a marketing opportunity. From inclusive strategy to modifying messaging frameworks, we influence powerful quantifiable results and knowledge for your business.

Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is primarily about monitoring and evaluating your brand reputation on the market. We acknowledge and respond to critical situations in real-time before they run out of control. We manage wide-ranging platforms including forums, blogs, social networks, and discussion threads to improve and maintain your brand reputation.

Celebrity Shoutouts

By endorsing celebrities, we focus on improving your brand’s credibility, amplify your key message, and help you reach more followers. Our PR celebrity management services approach popular celebrities thoughtfully and strategically supported by detailed industry knowledge.

Giveaways Design

We think out-of-the-box give away ideas to create a long-lasting impact on the audience while keeping giveaway budget in check. Furthermore, we take giveaways as a marketing opportunity and suggest such products which will be used by the receiver and become a source of continuous marketing for your brand. With extensive expertise in designing and vendors on our panel, our giveaways contents will engage the audience the way you have longed for.



Benefits of Hiring Jellyfish as your PR partner

Our creative and data-driven public relations campaigns are designed to spread the word. From campaign creation and design to activation and promotion – we do everything for you. There is an edge to working with us which you will not get anywhere else in Pakistan.

Media Relations

With our dynamic media relations, we are ready to make an impact. We are friends with the whole media industry of Pakistan. Putting influence right in the middle of creative programs, we turn your ideas upside down according to the defined set of rules and goals.

Access to Top bloggers in Pakistan

Popular bloggers can be found across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to engage the target audience in different ways. With Jellyfish, you can always stay in touch with the top bloggers in Pakistan.

Connect with relevant people through our contact circle

Growing your brand requires time, effort, and expertise on the best marketing approaches. By connecting to the relevant people in our extensive social circle, we help you build an audience using both organic and inorganic advertising strategies. We know how to strengthen your relationship with influencers, bloggers, politicians, celebrities, and vloggers.

Being a global marketing and communication agency, we work on a collaborative approach leading to ultimate creativity and innovation. Our PR services are best suited for celebrities, singers and corporate organizations.


We deliver not less than the ‘Excellence’

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