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Technology is giving a new shape to today’s world businesses and it has almost turned the marketing field upside down. Social media has changed the rules of this game. It has created a tremendous opportunity, as well as a tremendous burden on marketing function.

Social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile devices, website optimization, and content marketing are the elements of your success. It is impossible for an individual marketer to master them all. Strategic planning, creative development, and financial measurement are necessary ingredients for completing the success formula

Are you looking for Digital Marketing Solutions Here is where Jellyfish comes in!!!

We are enthusiastic to provide you with all the digital marketing solutions that can uplift your brand presence

We provide you services from formulating a complicated digital marketing strategy to identifying appropriate tools for marketing, to final execution of marketing activities. What makes us unique are our specialized and creative resources who have mastered their relevant areas. A cherry on top of our services is that we also provide our clients with the detailed financial viability of marketing strategies, as we have an in-house team of Chartered Accountants.

Right Digital Marketing Strategy is all you need to reach your desired audience

Digital Marketing strategies are the game changer for the business. At Jellyfish, we design unique digital marketing strategies and online marketing solutions to increase customer engagement.

Our Consultancy Solutions Includes

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing enhances your presence in the digital world

We possess hawk eyes and can help you to elevate your brand through marketing them on the most relevant social media platforms. We help you generate the right traffic and help you in increasing the brand presence and sales on various social media networking sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook etc.

Search Engine Marketing

Great Content Deserves Great Ranking

We can help you to provide you with the perfect search. We provide you with the SEO services that can help you in ranking well and provide you with high ROI search results.

Email Marketing

Streamline Your B2B and B2C customers

Email Marketing is the best way of keeping your corporate client engaged. We provide you with reliable and effective email marketing solutions with improved results of deliverability, reliability, and scalability.

Content Marketing

Stunning Brand Content in a Unique Format can Maximise Audience Engagement

Creative contents help in attracting the attention of the customers. Jellyfish have a separate content wing, who works on creating creative contents that engage your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

Strategic Planning

Accelerate your Every Move

Strategic Planning is as significant as marketing. Through strategic planning leads to the right marketing strategy and building desired brand hype

Our Marketing Strategy for you

Jellyfish identifies the appropriate marketing tools and formulates a customized and unique marketing strategy for your brand. We have marketing professionals with proven expertise in different marketing arenas. We cover all areas of marketing areas and provide financially viable marketing solutions.

Your Marketing Vision is Our Dream.

We have right set of expertise for achieving your Vision

Event Management and PR

Modern PR is about establishing good relationships that spans regional, national and market specific areas, all equipped and able to get your message at your fingertips.

At Jellyfish we have a network of market journalists and contacts at regional, local and national titles.

Our PR services include:

Media Relations

Media is all about relationships. At Jellyfish, we work diligently to sustain dynamic working relationships with a range of media personalities throughout the country. Our aim is to present your brand in the best focus possible across a huge audience.

Press Releases

At Jellyfish, we write press releases to get your brand messages extensive media coverage across the region for better and bigger coverage.

Public Relations Link Building

What could be more powerful than two businesses working together to accomplish a mutual objective? We point your brand in the direction to network and link with other businesses that can both be strengthened together. We help our clients to find new contacts through networking on your behalf and be a catalyst for your sales boost.

Media Training

We know it can be nerve-wrecking to face media. But, you don’t have to worry when we are at your back! We offer:

  • Media consultancy and PR service guidance throughout your presentation.
  • Our media training can transform you into an expert in media interactions and help you get your message across any medium.

Media Coverage

Need media coverage? Where to start?  That’s where Jellyfish come in. Our team will place your brand in front of a massive audience so you can talk about your future big things coming up. Let’s see what we will do:

  • From mega launches to upcoming sales and events, we will ensure to highlight your brand through television.
  • We know the media industry inside and out thus have a strong contact list. No need for you to approach them; we will be a link between your brand and the media, while partnering with your brand to regulate the multimedia environment.

Employee Communications

When your employees adore their job, they will be able to market your brand positively, that what makes a brand reputable. Let Jellyfish assist in managing your internal communications through blogs, newsletters, internet, press releases and team strengthening practices.

Crisis Management

You have experienced it before, a crisis in business and you didn’t have a damage control plan in place. You need us to step in with:

  • Guidance on how to cope up and move ahead. The Jellyfish PR team will help you with writing press releases and official statements that emphasize on your brand’s positive features, such as recent endeavours and future objectives
  • A comprehensive plan to navigate public statements and preserve your brand’s positive stance

Event Management Services

Often PR and Event Management go together, organizing, sponsoring or hosting an event is an amazing way to greet your clients, followers and stakeholders personally.

Our event planning services offers you:

Corporate Events

Let Jellyfish experts help you rock your next corporate conference, meeting, or seminar memorable among future clients and employees. Once we get your goal for the event, we will execute our project management expertise to use the best mix of planning, organizing, and marketing that synchronizes your event with your entire marketing plan. We want to make your brand look specialized and your audience to be captivated.

Mega Launches

Arranging a mega launch is a highly effective promotional activity that facilitates your customers to explore your brand and what it offers. Jellyfish wish to develop your brand as “something unique” so that potential customers can make up their minds to buy from you. We will make your mega launch a mesmerizing first impression that last longer.

Experiential Marketing

Why not make your brand come alive? Through experiential marketing, Jellyfish will help you gain interaction with your customers physically with your product. Jellyfish has been phenomenal in creating unforgettable live exposures that rocks a brand’s image.

Movie Marketing

It is one of a unique kind of marketing and requires seamless efforts on all marketing mediums. The perception created pre-launch of the movie will even drag the sentiments inside the glamorous rooms of Cinemas.

Brands’ integration in the movie, creative design of posters, trailer launch, celebrities shout outs, media junkets, OOH activations, traditional media coverage, social media campaign.!  All need to be perfectly synchronized to leave a long-lasting mark on the audience’s mind.

What makes Movie Marketing different is the importance of timing of execution of marketing activities. Just before the launch, Guerilla Marketing needs to be triggered to create a huge buzz and garner interest in the Movie. We call it a ‘WOW moment’.

Jellyfish – Your Brand’s best friend knows how important your movie’s success is for you, that’s why we don’t let any stone unturned in finding appropriate brands to be integrated with your movie and sketches and implements a marketing strategy that should be remembered and discussed for quite long.

The movie that is marketed well is received well by the audience.

Movie marketing service is unique and one of its kind. Movie marketing helps in creating craving among the audiences and arouses their curiosity to the level that they cannot help to resist.

Our Offerings

Integration of brand with movies

The right formula for success

Our offering is unique. Jellyfish serves as your marketing partner and create a strategic alliance between movies and brands. This is the perfect success formula for all the alliance partners. We have concise and comprehensive movie marketing plan which enable us to help our client reach to the top. We strive for nothing but the best and puts the marketing strategy on the plate that can help the movie to reach its hype.

Designing Creative Posters

Catchy Poster can Conjure Your Audience

Posters are perfect tools for creating the vibe. Creative, groovy, bold and vibrant posters provoke the emotions amongst the audience. Movie posters are the best way of film marketing as they ignite excitement and pumps up the curiosity level in the audience. Jellyfish have expertise in identifying your right audience. Our creative poster design can not only add value to the movie marketing strategy but can also provoke the interest in the audience that is not typically interested in the genre. We use colour combinations, pictures, graphics and punch lines with complementary information to create a perfect vibe that can create synchronization between the movie makers and the audiences. With our perfect design, we invoke a wowed feeling among your audiences and make the audience excited about the thrill that you have to offer.

Trailer Launch

Successful Trailer is the half success

Trailer launch serves as the commercial advertisement for the film. The bang launch of the trailer captures the eyes and if done right can earn the movie half the success.  With our professionals, Jellyfish works with you as the movie marketing firm and devise a uniquely tailored strategy for launching your trailer at the right time to create perfect media hype/

Media Junkets

Effective Campaigning breeds Audience Attention

Media Junkets are the part of movie marketing strategy that can provide the best and efficient quality method for the timely press releases, interviews, film promotions, media marketing and other advertisement campaigns. Marketers at Jellyfish serves for you as the musketeers and possess the unique insight to promote your movies through effective and timely media Junket services.

Celebrity Shoutouts

Customized messages create increased viewers Engagements

Celebrity shout outs give the hype the required hype that you are seeking from all the movie marketing activities. We provide tailored celebrity videos that deliver convincing and jaw-dropping messages to the audiences and leaves them in the awed state. Jellyfish understand the troubles that you can encounter for scheduling shout outs with different celebrities. We own your troubles and provides you with the right mix of celebrity shout-outs.

Social Media Campaigns

Your Success is Our Joy

Social media campaigning is all about timely placing your product in the market. We not only cover a range of social media channels that is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram for the movie marketing, but are very sceptical about the timings for each campaign. We create a buzz through social media campaigning and fights the half battle for you.

Movie marketing creates powerful engagement between shareholders and helps in creating halo effect among the audiences. Our movie marketing service helps you in creating a huge buzz and assist you in creating a lasting impression on the stakeholders, most importantly your customers.

You will see instantly the worth of our movie marketing service

Jellyfish are keen to see you at the top. We work on different tailored strategies, strategic planning, and integrated marketing strategies as per the customized needs. With our expert strategist, we craftwell-designed strategies and create synergies for you that ensures your success.

Creative Designing

Jellyfish is the creation of creativity, seems a bit philosophical, and does not it! Well, do not take it lightly; unbelievably, Jellyfish does not copy paste. In Jellyfish, we strive to promote a culture where each individual competes with it instead of any other individual. That’s the reason that we don’t copy paste even our own work and always try to do something different, something better, something more challenging, something to give us a comfort that we are progressing and something to admire about when we hit our sack at night.

From logo designing to full branding solution for entrepreneurs to web development and designing, Jellyfish has all the required skills set to exceed your expectations. However, we wish to warn you in advance that our services might take a bit longer to be delivered than the rest, as originality needs some time to be hatched.

Creativity is what that matters today.  Jellyfish is all about creativity. Creating out of the box ideas is our priority. We have a culture where we cherish individual unique ideas and with team efforts, we create it into unique strategies. Creativity is our secret ingredient, which helps us in keeping our customers engaged

What you can expect

  • A wowed experience
  • Unique and creative ideas
  • Out of the box concepts

We believe in making things better and strive for doing so.  We are derived with value addition and creativity that can ensure best and us in providing nothing but the original.

Celebrity Branding

We work with your favorite celebrities to refresh your brand image and to appeal more target audience.

Our celebrity branding services are an extremely sought after path for our clients wishing to develop an instant and wider link with potential market segments. Celebrity Branding is being increasingly used by marketers and brands to stream faster and achieve a quicker route to target market.

At Jellyfish, we help brands connect with the brightest celebrities from diverse industries like Cinema, Chefs, Music, Designers, and Models etc. The services we offer include the whole gamut from approaching a celebrity that matches the brand’s objectives, budgets to the entire management of the celebrity endorsements for product launches, ad campaigns, press conferences, meetings, testimonials etc.

Wish to get your brand highlighted online through the use of celebrities that reaches your market and drive sales? Activate your brand presence with our Celebrity Branding Services. We can:

  • Work with celebrities of diverse industries to create strategic campaigns around your product
  • Film and produce personalized content for your digital usage and social media
  • Write content for your brand’s blog, giving life to your cinematic footprint.

How it benefits your brand?

Through our Celebrity Branding services, you will get:

  • Better brand position
  • Emotional link with your customers
  • Differentiation among competitors
  • Extensive coverage and brand awareness
  • Increased sales

What else a brand need?

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not only Facebook or Twitter; Social media for each brand has a different definition. Social media for your brand is the one where you can target your relevant audience in the most effective and productive manner.

Jellyfish provides the social media management and marketing consultancy and assists you in finding appropriate usernames and profiles across the channels, creating eye-catching and creative posts, monitoring and combine the social media pages to track down activities and potential customers, assist in re-hauling your social pages to develop the desired reputation and buy paid blogs and push-advertisements to broaden the reach of your product

Carefully Tailored Social Media Campaigns generates Quick Results 

Jellyfish use creative social media strategies to help you create your brand identity. With our years of experience, we have learned that every brand has its own online space. We analyse your space and devise social media strategy accordingly by creating the unique content to capture the attention of targeted audience.

Specialised Channels

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

Optimize your Business With our Social Media Services

With our proven expertise, our social media management services save your time and generate the desired results within limited time. We have mastered some strategies that enable us to provide you with the effective social media marketing campaigns. Our work is the evidence of our expertise. The experts at Jellyfish have the right eye to adopt the strategy that can satisfy your marketing objectives and that can optimize your social media channels. We can convert your investment in social media into enhanced sales leads and increased returns.

We can make your dream success the reality by positioning your right on Social Media

Jellyfish prides itself on driving the real traffic on your website. Our social media marketing can create enhance customer engagement by identifying the niche, targeting relevant stakeholders, creating engagement through quality content and retargeting the market for increased conversions.

We assist you to analyse your social market niche. Through our proven social media marketing tactics, Jellyfish social marketing service enhances your brand reach. We create eye-catching contents that generate value for your brand. We create targeted posts, advertisements, customer engaging paid blogs to provide you happy, and returning online customer space. Our social media marketing consultancy service provides you with the strategic insight about the customer reach; post crawling and post views. We monitoring and manage customer inquiries and issues and resolves them to ensure you a loyal customer base.

Increasing Your Social Media Presence and Pace up your Business Growth

Customers Presence on Social Media

Your customers are using social media regardless of your industry and target market, your customer. Keeping them engaged and connected with your brand is important. With smart social marketing strategy, you can keep your customers engaged and can be on their priority list

The customers are looking for Your Product

No matter what product you are offering in the market, it is being sought out by the people. People are talking about it and are looking for the companies that can best satisfy their needs. Social media management service of Jellyfish hunts such conversations and help your brand to become the part of it and for generating new leads.

People Are Discussing you on Social Media

Social media is the platform where customers voice their opinions. You need to be proactive to listen to what your customers are saying. Our Social Media marketing service provides you with the guidance regarding handling the customer’s comments and responding to their queries timely

Effective Social Media Marketing and Management Unleashes Your Brand Potential

In this hush push, most brands do not have the time to manage social media channels. We know that you are busy strategizing your products and services. We acknowledge that with such rapidly changing demands of the customers, managing social media can be hectic. Being you “Best Friend” it is our utmost responsibility to achieve your marketing goals through our proven social media management expertise.

What you can expect from social media marketing service

  • Remarkable first-hand interaction with the customers
  • Efficient and smart management of social community
  • Amplified lead generation
  • Prominent presence on social media

Content Marketing

Want to have content that can accelerate your success Contact


Jellyfish leverages data and use to design executive can catchy contents that can grab your audience at any platform. Content is the master. With tight content, your brand can meet your right audience

Content is the King

Our content marketing service can help you to select the right words that can accelerate your brands reach. We work on tight deadlines and create the content that optimizes your presence on the social media.

We not only write content for you but also provide you with better content governance

With your brand expansion, we create content that can promote your brand image for the customers. Our content is effective and enables you to optimize your targeted campaigns

Our Range of Services includes


Blog is to connect, to create and share story and to inspire

Blog posts provide an insight to the outsider. Blog posts increase brand awareness and help in creating visualizing experiences.  We have a pool of freelance and in-house writers who pen the focused contents with the appropriate integration of the content marketing strategies. Each topic of the blog is thoroughly analysed by the writers and the language is selected based on the targeted audience. Once the blog is posted, its ranking and engagement is analysed by our experts.Our content team works with SEO to provide you with the content that can help you get the desired ranking.


Articles attracts the attention

In this era of information, article is the technique to get the clients land on the page. Article writing is the main SEO tool, whichis used for increasing the content reach. Articles are not only informative in nature but are also helpful in creating customer loyalty. Our writers works with a particular strategy when it comes to article writing. Our writers analyse the target audience, create KPIs and goals and work on the smart integration of key words that can generate traffic.

Thoughtful SEO contents and enticing headlines can Increate the interest of the audience

What you can expect from Us

  • Well researched Articles and High quality contents
  • Concise, crispy and comprehensive content
  • Appropriate writing style and engaging tone
  • Connecting and Convincing content for your audience
  • On time delivery
  • Persuasive language
  • Appropriate keywords positioning
  • Proper Formatting and structure

Why Choose Us

Simply because Jellyfish is your Brand’s Best Friend! However, just to be precise:

We deliver not less than the ‘Excellence’

We consider every client as ‘Our Premier Client’

We are available to serve you 24/7

We are ‘One Stop Shop’

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