Movie Marketing

It’s one of a unique kind of marketing and requires seamless efforts on all marketing mediums. The perception created pre-launch of the movie will even drag the sentiments inside the glamorous rooms of Cinemas.

Brands’ integration in the movie, creative design of posters, trailer launch, celebrities shout outs, media junkets, OOH activations, traditional media coverage, social media campaign. . . all need to be perfectly synchronized to leave a long-lasting mark on audience’s mind.

What makes Movie Marketing different is the importance of timing of execution of marketing activities. Just before the launch, Guerilla Marketing needs to be triggered to create a huge buzz and garner interest in the Movie. We call it a ‘WOW moment’.

Jellyfish – Your Movie’s best friend knows how important your movie’s success is for you, that’s why we don’t let any stone unturned in finding appropriate brands to be integrated with your movie and sketches and implements a marketing strategy that should be remembered and discussed for quite long.