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Movie Marketing

Like any other industry, the movie industry highly depends on dynamic marketing to influence the audience and deliver ROI. While the strategies for movie marketing are significantly different from the business world, they primarily involve accurate timings and massive social reach. At Jellyfish, we focus on diverse digital channels that can create engaging user experiences.
Whether you need help in designing the movie posters, marketing strategy or to generate sponsors for your movie – we have everything to assist your requirements. Offering the most cutting-edge and comprehensive marketing campaigns, we know how to use the right strategies and tools. We strongly believe that our film marketing strategies go parallel to your ultimate goals one way or another. 

Generating Sponsorships for movies

Commercial sponsorship plays an integral role in attracting major financial support. However, the amount of time and effort you are required to invest can be quite challenging. To make your film launch journey easier, encompassing the sense of marketing responsibility we organize sponsorship deals in the best of your interest.

Integration of brands with movies

The advertising landscape has dramatically transformed the world of brands and the entertainment industry. We coordinate with dynamic relevant brands for sponsorship and suggest where and how to integrate those products in the movie.

Movie Poster Design

Posters are undeniably one of the most powerful ways to convey the key message to the audience. Our designing team comes up with creative designs that get the message spot on. Our expert designers knows exactly how to tell the entire story of the movie in a single artwork while keeping in visually appealing as well.

Media Junkets

A media junket is a crucial part of a film’s promotion. We strive hard to get as many interviews done as possible within the specified duration for progressive film promotion. Understanding its influence, it acts as an essence for the promotion of television shows and movies, we work beyond limitations.

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