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Key to Perfect Client Agency Relationship

In spite of a dynamic surrounding, emerging technology and the ever increasing impact of social and digital mediums, the key for a perfect client agency relationship lies in the basics. Developing a relationship is not enough; enduring it is essential. The client agency relationship must be fostered to make it bloom for longer.

Clients and agencies target to acquire certain goals, drive profit, meet deadlines and grab a competitive advantage. So what is the key to gain a mutual success?

In this post, you will know the key ingredients to develop a perfect, well-balanced and nurturing client-agency relationship.

1. Groundwork

Your client agency relationship is destined to fail if you started off blindly. Any agency that does not target to understand your objectives, business and the expectations from the beginning is howling a red sign. In fact, most agencies today assume that they completely understand their client’s expectations, however only handfuls of clients agree.

Thus, it becomes critical to link with an advertising firm that has formulated processes in place to distinguish key success factors, important KPIs and expected outcomes. Provide guidance, and conduct discussions earlier to understand ways to achieve mutual success with your client.

Another idea could be to develop a client welcoming program that would help new relationships get off to a brilliant start. This program should lay the groundwork for effective and clear communication by facilitating agency and client members to get to know each other, highlight opportunities and share information.

2. Trust

How can we talk about relationships without mentioning trust as a key factor? Well, mutual respect and trust are vital to develop a perfect client agency relationship. Being predictive and adaptable, even when uncertainties prevail, is an effective way to develop trust and alleviate any skewed viewpoints.

Seek an agency that won’t only tell you what you wish to hear. A true associate does more than merely take instruction; your agency must not only help you in attaining your goals, but also provide knowledge when they see things are getting off the track. Honesty not only helps keep relationships from going stale, but it also nurture prospects to take things ahead…together.

Coping up with hindrances brings members closer and encourages them to perform even better to gain mutual success.

3. Collaboration and Creativity

Clients seek agencies to gain creative insights and thought leadership. In fact, majority of marketers today strives to generate engaging content, enabling the role of the agency as critical as never before. A smart agency should be a creative catalyst to bring fresh ideas and supersede standard expectations. Their expertise develops a competitive edge over the others.

When it comes to new concepts, let them be your guide. Trust their creative knowledge and work mutually. This may mean supporting your agency to deliver brilliant work by offering them a key role in internal procedures, assuring that approvals go seamlessly, or motivating projects to be offered personally for even more prospects and enhanced collaboration.

4. Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Even if you conduct the most brilliant campaign, chances are it will not be a quick success. The outcomes will be evident when it comes to showing your agency’s worth and expertise as an associate, but surely cannot be hurried. Sit back and give your projects time to generate impacts, however be vigilant on conversion metrics and engagements. An effective campaign has huge potential to impact your baseline – provided the adequate time to get an impression.

5. Authenticity

Never the least, authenticity rules our relationships with our clients. Being genuine is vital for a perfect client agency relationship. Identifying a problem and being honest and clear about it, offering a possible solution before it get worse can create a lasting bond with your business partner.

Imagine this: if you are a client of Jellyfish, would you wish to know if you were taking a wrong decision? How would you react if you carried on with that decision and after a year we told you “Yes, we knew it wasn’t a right choice?” Surely, you will be frustrated. (But don’t worry, we at Jellyfish understand how important it is for you to reach your goals, that’s why we call ourselves your brand’s best friend!)

In situations where you hire an agency to offer you services with their expertise and knowledge, it is important to foster an environment where your partner feels like they can assess your decisions. This means you need to value that critique without getting annoyed.

Bonus Tip: Say thanks for the critique, then sit back and ponder over it. This will provide you a chance to avoid reacting defensively. Then you can honestly appreciate the opinion you have been offered and either inquire further or take a decision. Regardless of what you choose to do, just remember to thank the person who offered you the advice. Show that you understand that it can be difficult to offer opinion to a client and that you actually appraise them doing so. This will enable them to offer authentic and honest opinions again in the future that will help you to reform your thinking and enhance the choices you make.

Make a perfect client agency relationship last longer…

Without trust, clarity, clear communication and creative integration, any client agency relationship will fade gradually. The key to a perfect and lasting association between a client and agency is working mutually to attain mutual gains. Working together to overcome tough times and hindrances that will make the relationship stronger to move business ahead. From this point, position your client agency relationship towards success, and it will come as a reward.

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