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10 tips to boost your creativity

Just like any other muscle we have in our bodies, creativity is also a muscle that needs stimulation every single day. We are creative by birth, but we just need to keep it pumped up to make the most out of this innate potential we are all gifted with.

Needless to say, the need to be creative in today’s era is inevitable. Regardless of your profession, we all need an endless stream of creative thinking to handle issues with unique viewpoints and be effective at anything we set out to do in our lives.

Today you will be getting some top tips to boost your creativity and feel like a pro.

1. Find your Inspiration

Never think that creativity just happen. You need to seek out new streams of inspiration that can give you aspiring ideas and encourage you to resolve issues in an innovative way. For example, read a book as it is one of the best ways to grab some knowledge that improves creativity, visit a museum, listen classical music or paint your heart out! Use whatever technique suits you best.

2. Value Your Curiosity

A common hindrance to boost creativity is the feeling that curiosity is disturbing. Rather than lecturing yourself, value your curiosity when you are intrigue about something and explore it. Offer yourself with an opportunity to dig into new things, ideas and topics. This will also lead you to develop your intrinsic motivation to be creative.

3. Engage in Activities You Love

Ideas come naturally when you do things you love to do. Why? because there is a direct relation between creative thinking and happiness. The better mood you are in, the better you will be performing your routine activities.

4. Take Risks

If you wish to advance your creative abilities, you need to be willing to take risks in your life. While your risks might not be effective every time, but you will be boosting your creativity and developing skills that will help you in your future. Life is too short to be afraid of doing something you never did before; take chances! This will evolve your perceptions of life with diverse experiences you will get and will help you to apply those experiences to every new situation in your life that comes your way.

5. Develop Confidence

If you feel insecure in your skills, you are destroying your creativity. You need to develop confidence. You can make a creative journal in which you can note the progress you have made so far, appraise your efforts, and always be motivated to reward your creative instincts.

6. Engage in Conversations with Different People

Communicating with people having diverse backgrounds will expand your perspective on life and will boost your creative thinking.

7. Be positive

Yes, that’s right. Positive thinking boosts creativity, endorsed by a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2006. That suggests that if you are doing something that needs creative thinking, you will want to be in a positive mood or environment.

So make sure to eliminate all your negative thoughts and self-criticisms. These will only impede your pace towards developing creative abilities.

Instead, be like kids. All kids live in the present and assume that everything is possible. They are not afraid of what they think and remain positive.

8. Use a Mindmap

A highly productive way to link your ideas and improve creative thinking is through a mind map. Create a mind map with a central issue or word and link related concepts and words around the central topic. It is similar to brainstorming, however mind map allows you to branch ideas through a visual presentation that is more stimulating.

Next time you start a new project, make a mind map and check the project presentation from beginning till end. Observe several events or ways that might happen. This will help you visualize the actual product, eradicate any potential issues and offer creative solutions.

9. There can be multiple ways to solve a problem

Yes, when you face a problem realize that there are multiple ways to resolve it. Instead of using the same old method, take time to mull over other possible ways to see the issue. This will not only develop your creative thinking ability but also improve your decision making skills.

10. Think Alternative Scenarios

It’s a simple “What if….”brain workout. When facing a problem, use this method and try to think about every possible situation. For example, if you choose one specific possibility, think about its possible consequences.

With this method, you will be able to boost your creativity by simply giving new and better solutions to problems.

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