Marketing Strategies

Though, technology is giving a new shape to today’s world economy and businesses, but it has almost turned marketing field upside down. Social media has changed the rules of this game. It has created a tremendous opportunity, as well as a tremendous burden on marketing function.

Social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile devices, website optimization, content marketing . . . it’s impossible for an individual marketer to master them all. And then there’s strategic planning, creative development, and financial measurement.

Here is where Jellyfish comes in!!!

We provide you services from formulating a complicated marketing strategy to identifying appropriate tools for marketing, to final execution of marketing activities. What makes us unique are our specialized and creative resources who mastered their relevant areas. A cherry on top of our services is that we also provide our clients with the detailed financial viability of marketing strategies, as we have an in-house team of Chartered Accountants.


Movie Marketing

It’s one of a unique kind of marketing and requires seamless efforts on all marketing mediums. The perception created pre-launch of the movie will even drag the sentiments inside the glamorous rooms of Cinemas.

Brands’ integration in the movie, creative design of posters, trailer launch, celebrities shout outs, media junkets, OOH activations, traditional media coverage, social media campaign. . . all need to be perfectly synchronized to leave a long-lasting mark on audience’s mind.

What makes Movie Marketing different is the importance of timing of execution of marketing activities. Just before the launch, Guerilla Marketing needs to be triggered to create a huge buzz and garner interest in the Movie. We call it a ‘WOW moment’.

Jellyfish – Your Movie’s best friend, knows how important your movie’s success is for you, that’s why we don’t let any stone unturned in finding appropriate brands to be integrated with your movie and sketches and implements a marketing strategy that should be remembered and discussed for quite long.


Social Media Management

Social media is not only Facebook or Twitter; Social media for each brand has a different definition. Social media for your brand is the one where you can target your relevant audience in the most effective and productive manner.

Jellyfish provides the social media consultancy, assists you in finding appropriate usernames and profiles across the channels, creating eye-catching and creative posts, monitoring and combing the social media pages to track down activities and potential customers, assist in re-hauling your social pages to develop the desired reputation and buy paid blogs and push-advertisements to broaden the reach of your product.


PR Management Services

People say that it doesn’t matter what people think about you but, when you are in a serious business, take our words, it really does!

A positive market perception is a real asset for a brand, company or an individual. To create this asset, one needs to play his cards very smartly.

Jellyfish is smart enough to guide you through this game of cards and make your opponents poker-faced.

In Jellyfish’s dictionary, PR management means to connect its clients to the right people, make them available at the right place and whistle loudly with joy when its client hits a bang at the right time.


Creative Designing

Jellyfish is the creation of creativity, seems a bit philosophical, doesn’t it! Well, don’t take it lightly, believe it or not, Jellyfish doesn’t copy paste. In Jellyfish, we strive to promote a culture where each individual competes with itself instead of any other individual. That’s the reason that we don’t copy paste even our own work and always try to do something different, something better, something more challenging, something to give us a comfort that we are progressing and something to admire about when we hit our sack at night.

From logo designing to full branding solution for entrepreneurs to web development and designing, Jellyfish has all the required skills set to exceed your expectations. However, we wish to warn you in advance that our services might take a bit longer to be delivered than the rest, as originality needs some time to be hatched.


Event Management

People say that events are arranged to be attended but we say that events are arranged to be remembered.

As a team, we have a vast experience of arranging and managing the variety of events ranging from corporate events to concerts to movies’ red carpet & launches.

You make Jellyfish, the captain of your ship, and enjoy your hassle free sailings. We know how to honor the celebrities, respect the guests and value your money. Deciding the themes for the events, aligning big names to be a part of your events, setting up the stage right for the big day, welcoming your guests, adding respect to your brand’s image are few to name services which Jellyfish offers.